10 things about everything


From the mind and desk of Todd Razor. 

1. The possibility of success derives from a deep understanding of our tendency to fail.

2. Children often know exactly what they want to do next. Lifetimes of opportunity make the choices more difficult.

3. Entrepreneurs don’t choose a profession and pursue it. They discover who they are and learn how to live it.

4. People who dislike their job can’t wait to turn it off. Those who love their work struggle to separate personal life from career.

5. Pure motives allow for the natural fulfillment of one’s full potential.

6. You can’t manufacture time. If we were given 25 hours then we would ask for 26. People prioritize the things most important to them.

7. Moderation is a fickle thing and the ability to practice it tends to wane with each over indulgence.

8. Pride and humility wax similar on the surface yet on the inside couldn’t reside further apart.

9. The closer we get to totally honesty, the more credibility we have in any given space. Once we cross the line, the conversation many times tends to be over.

10. Assumptions are like opinions and everyone has one.

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