Lone Tree Garden takes root

Planting is well underway at Lone Tree Garden, where refugee families from Burma, Burundi and Bhutan are returning to their agrarian roots and making connections with local volunteers.

Nine families have signed on to farm the soil donated by organizer Ryan Galloway as Lutheran Services in Iowa volunteer Jane Scanlon works to build bridges between community supporters and those who have been forced to flee war-torn homelands.

On May 7, we kicked off the spring planting season with a workday and barbeque at Lone Tree Garden and are now ready to water, weed and watch our produce grow near Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.

A special thank you to Jason Urban of Adel-based Raccoon River Rental for his kind donation of the tilling machine that helped us break up hollowed ground. We also appreciate the time grass-roots gardener Dan Goldman spent teaching us on May 14 the best way to approach our seven-plot parcel.

We look forward to a productive summer of relationship building among all our gardeners. Please pray our labor leads to a plentiful harvest.

Psalm 126:5

2 thoughts on “Lone Tree Garden takes root

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jane. I had a lot of fun cutting that together. Hope to do more to document sustainable practices this summer in Central Des Moines.

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