Let’s get cooking

Six journalism seniors at Simpson College will try out in front of three professionals this afternoon in hopes of becoming the school’s first Iron Journalist.

Starting at 3:30 p.m., student bloggers Peter KaspariSarah Keller, Kelsey Knutson, Angela NieszAustin Walton, and Drew Yarkosky are slated to present their senior multimedia journalism projects in an open forum in McNeill Hall. Simpson professor Brian Steffen has asked a writer, a reporter and an editor to critique students’ work following 10 minute presentations.

As I preview their content before joining two of my peers in providing constructive criticism to these brave souls, whom I’m sure appreciate the steps Steffen is taking to prepare them for the real world, I realize what I tough assignment I have today. Based on what I’ve seen, these students poured their hearts and souls into personalized blog posts and video productions that reflect their lives at Simpson as student reporters.

I know how much time and dedication it requires to produce websites such as theirs, especially when working to balance jobs, social lives and academic excellence. Kudos to Simpson for encouraging students to bridge the gaps that exist between academic journalism and the way real-world news outlets operate.

The event is expected to attract an audience of about 10 to 20 members of the Simpson campus community.

Good luck to all and Allez Cuisine!

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